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How to Receive Free Baby Stuff?

Having a baby is expensive, so it helps to have some assistance along the way. As you prepare to raise a new child, try reaching out to different stores for free samples, bundles and coupons for various baby supplies. If you’re on the lookout for more specific items, talk with your friends and family for possible freebies, or look online for free item listings. If you’d like to take a more traditional route, use baby registries, baby showers, and garage sales as a source of free baby items. With enough patience and perseverance, you may receive a lot of free baby supplies for your household!

Method 1: Getting Free Samples and Discounts

  1. Create an account on a baby registry site to get a free welcome box. 
Search online for different online baby registry services. Look for companies that offer a free “welcome kit” or “goodie bag,” which often include free samples of diapers, wipes, formula, or other useful baby supplies. While most of these companies don’t require a physical payment, note that you’ll probably have to give your address and/or other personal information to receive the welcome box.
For instance, Walmart, Target, Amazon, Babylist and Buy Buy Baby will give new parents a free welcome box as soon as they register online.
Many baby store sites will give you free coupons and discounts in addition to your welcome box.
While you’re browsing different sites, see if any of them offer a rewards or loyalty program! This can save you money further down the line.

  1. Look online for sample diaper kits and rewards programs. 
Search across well-known diaper brands for different offers, discounts, and trial packs. As you’re browsing on various sites, be on the lookout for “trial” or “sample” packs, which give new or expectant parents multiple diapers free of charge. To get further discounts after your trial or sample pack of diapers runs out, sign up for a reward program that grants you discounts and other coupons.
For instance, brands like Pampers, Huggies, Abby & Finn, Cuties, DryNites, Eco by Naty, and Nicki’s Diapers offer free samples to individuals who sign up or register on their site.
Some Market Research firms also send free diapers in exchange for your review and/or feedback.
Some companies require you to pay a shipping fee for your sample.
Lower-income families may qualify for free diapers through groups like The Cloth Option or the National Diaper Bank Network.

  1. Sign up for free formula samples from specific brands or stores. 
Browse different websites to see what kinds of samples and products are available to first-time parents or site visitors. Depending on the site, you might qualify for free baby formula if you register on the website and submit your shipping information. Additionally, be on the lookout for digital discounts and coupons offered by different formula brands.
For instance, companies like Enfamil, Nature’s One, and Similac offer free formula samples, while Member’s Mark and Parent’s Choice offer discounts.
If you come from a lower-income background, consider reaching out to your local food bank for free samples or products. Groups like Feeding America sometimes donate formula to local charity organizations.

  1. Subscribe to magazines that offer free copies to new parents. 
Gain new knowledge by registering with magazines for both parents and children. Search for magazines that offer a free issue, or free trial that sends you multiple issues of a publication. If you don’t want to register for any new magazines, look online for free downloads of past issues.
For example, Highlights Hello offers a 3-month free trial of their publication. Additionally, the organization ValueMags offers free and discounted magazine subscriptions to the public.

  1. Volunteer to test different baby products free of charge.
Check the website of a large organization for any job or volunteer openings for product testers. While many of these companies send a variety of different products out for testing, you might receive diapers, toiletries, or other useful baby supplies during your tenure as a tester. Search for companies that have specific testing roles open, and see what kind of age demographic that they’re looking for in a tester.
For instance, companies like Alba Science and Toluna might offer free samples of toiletries to test.
Some paid survey sites may offer you free samples as a reward for filling out enough forms.

  1. Download free baby books online. 
While you may not be reading to your child right away, you can still stock up on storybooks in the meantime. Look on federally-published sites like the Library of Congress for free downloads of classical books.[7] Other sites like Gutenberg and Amazon also offer a variety of free titles for download.
For example, the Library of Congress website offers free downloads of books like Cinderella, Aesop’s Fables, Anne of Green Gables, and more.
Method 2: Looking for Second-hand Baby Goods

  1. Ask your older friends and family members for their old baby supplies. 
Think about the loved ones in your life who’ve raised children. If a friend or family member still has old baby supplies in storage, ask them if you’d be able to use their stuff. Depending on the person, you might be able to get a lot of valuable items for free, like a stroller or baby carriage.
If the items were in storage for a while, your friends or family will probably be happy to give you the items free of charge.

  1. Search on Freecycle for any unwanted baby goods. Enter your general location in the search bar on Freecycle’s website. Next, look through the listings for any baby supplies, furniture, or toys that are being offered. If you see an item that you’d like, use Freecycle to send a message to the current owner. You can also post a “wanted” request on the site, requesting someone to donate a specific baby supply.
For instance, you could post a request for a baby crib on Freecycle if you don’t already have one on hand.
You can access the Freecycle website here:

  1. Check Craigslist and social media for any ads for free baby stuff. 
Search for specific baby supplies in a social media marketplace to find possible items near your location. Depending on the site, you might see offers for free baby items, like cribs, strollers, high chairs, or other supplies. Use the provided contact information to reach out to the seller, so you can schedule a time to pick up the item.
Sites like Facebook Marketplace are great places to look for baby supplies.
Reddit has a Freebie forum, which lets you search for specific items.

  1. Visit second-hand shops and websites to find good deals. Search for more expensive baby items in a second-hand shop, like strollers, high chairs, cribs, and baby carriers. If you find any of these items, inspect them for quality. If the item seems unstable or low-quality, don’t purchase the item. Additionally, conduct a quick online search to see if the specific item was recalled by the company.
For instance, a baby carrier in good quality might be a recalled product.
Method 3: Networking in Person

  1. Create an online baby registry to list the supplies that you need. 
Use a digital registry website to draft out the list of items that you need for your expected baby. Depending on the company, you can link to specific items on the company website, or provide external links to other products. Once you’ve made your list, send or post it in a place where your friends and family can find it.
For instance, companies like Target and Walmart let you list different baby items from their specific site on your registry. Groups like Amazon and Babylist let you add product links from any website.
If you’re expecting a child, consider posting your digital baby registry on social media, or another place that gets a lot of traffic.

  1. Ask a close friend or family member to host your baby shower. If your loved ones aren’t planning a baby shower already, discreetly mention to a good friend or relative that you’d like to celebrate your baby with a large group of people. If you have a baby registry, note where other people can find it.
While it may seem tacky to mention your baby shower to someone else, these types of events are often expected by the friends and relatives of an expectant parent.

  1. Check at a garage sale for any unwanted and unsold baby items. 
Keep an eye out in your local community for a neighbourhood garage sale. While these events tend to function like a lottery, you might manage to find someone’s old baby supplies for sale at a discounted rate. Before making any purchases, check that the items are in good condition, and safe to be used around your future child.

  1. Contact your doctor to receive a free sample of different baby supplies. 
As an expectant parent, reach out to your local doctor to schedule an appointment. During this time, ask if the practice offers any free samples or items that can help the baby to live a cleaner, healthier life. In many cases, your doctor’s office might have sample baby products to offer you free of charge.
Feel free to contact your local hospital for free samples, as well!

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